Barcelona | Barcelona for visitors: free Gaudi roadbook for children (treasure hunt)

Published: 02nd August 2011
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Free Barcelona Gaudi Roadbook for children

Antoni Gaudí i Cornet


Born in Reus (or near Reus).

We will begin this article with a quick summary about Gaudí. Key facts to a better understanding of his works.

The man:

1. As a child, his health is poor and he is affected by rheumatism. He lost a lot of school hours, had to adopt a vegetarian diet, and he spent long hours in nature, on the advice of doctors, having this the opportunity the flora and fauna ...

2. He lives in a time of resurgence of Catalan national sentiment, to which he strongly adheres.

3. He is a pious and deeply religious person.

4. He admits being short tempered, quick to become angry and he readily admits having flimsy control on his bad temper.

5. He is physically a fair / blond man with blue eyes and fair skin, and people tend to think he's a Nordic man, to which he replies he is a true mediterranean.

His time:

It is the rise of industrialization, the Catalan bourgeoisie is getting important, it's wealth based largely on textile industry. Many "colonies" are built (similar to the phenomenon of mining towns, the "company store", housing and trade workers near the workplace). This is the time of Modernism, Art nouveau & Arts Décos and of the urban development of Barcelona.

His influences:

Medieval and Gothic architecture, the eastern, the theory of John Ruskin who said that the ornamentation is the origin of architecture, the work of Viollet-le-Duc on French medieval architecture, and William Morris. Modernism, which is contemporary, will also influence the course, but he soon found his own style.

The keys to his work:

They are obvious, even to the eye of a neophyte: it is the natural elements of the fauna and flora, present not only in form but often in the practical solutions used to the ergonomics and operation of a building (rainwater draining and piping, design of chimneys or fireplaces). The light is fundamental, its use and enhancement, the work with colors, which is not just visible in the famous mosaics, but also the nobility of natural wood and other materials. Finally, the ornamentation is fundamental for him.

After this brief introduction, we present our roadbook / treasure hunt / scavenger hunt. Download it, mount it... and then you can use it with your young children to enhance the interest of your visit to the works of Gaudí in Barcelona.

We know it by experience, when one travels with the younger ones, things may become tiring for them. This is why we thought in designing a roadbook for you to help you take them in your discovery of the City of barcelona, through some of the most famous works by Gaudí.

Of course you will organize yourself your own visit of Barcelona. But take this opportunity to discover in one morning some of the best known places in Barcelona. The visit of a single monument like the Casa Batlló, Casa Milà and Sagrada Familia can occupy a whole morning. This is why our proposal is to see these places from the outside, then head to Park Güell which has free access. We have tested it with our own children, so we can tell you it takes one morning, from 9am to 1 p.m aproximately, and a bus pass. Start at Paseo de Gràcia, take the bus to Park Güell, then another one to Sagrada Familia..

Barcelona On Line, official Barcelona hotels and apartments booking site offers you to download this book for free. Mount this document as a booklet and give it to the younger ones. Your visit will become more "interactive", and they'll have plenty of fun during and after your tour, with what they have discovered ...

To download:

English version:

Spanish version:

French version:

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